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Why Lionfish Patrol?

For the first time we now have a community where everyone can help find better solutions – Divers, Nonprofits/Governments, Businesses and the General Public.


Lionfish Dive Log

Diver’s can maintain their own lionfish dive log,  totals & more. This helps them become more successful lionfish hunters.

Gather Important Data

Divers add their catch totals to the app and help build the global database – from that data, trends and solutions emerge.

Free Global Data

Struggling countries and islands now have access to regional trends and data that can help them find better solutions locally.

Easy To Use APP

Lionfish Patrol is a social media app driven by lionfish hunters. It documents their removal of lionfish to protect their reefs.

Versatile APP

The Lionfish Patrol App can be uses on any iPhone, Android, Computer or Tablet. It brings everyone together esily for the same goal.

Work Smarter

The answers are there but we all need to work together with our information to find better solutions. Oh, and it’s FREE!

How Can The Data Help?

An Actual Situation

Lionfish Patrol data was used in a two day conference for the UNDP in Turkey discussing the invasion of lionfish in the Mediterranean Sea. The Minister of Fisheries didn’t have any information about the lionfish invasion, so there were unanswered questions on whether the lionfish population in Turkish waters should be a concerning.


Lionfish Patrol data helped show how bad the Turkish situation really is. Our data was used to show the average catch per diver in the Caribbean is an average of 8 lionfish per dive, while divers in Turkey (the Mediterranean Sea) catch an average of 24 lionfish per dive! Plus they have to free dive to catch them! If they were allowed to use SCUBA the numbers could be double that!

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