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Our Goal is to get as many divers, scientists, nonprofits, businesses and the general public to use the Lionfish Patrol App. This will help gather more important data so we can all find better solutions. Since you are using the app we would like to promote you. In turn we hope that you will help promote the app to every lionfish hunter you know. They drive the data that finds the solutions. 

If you are interested please fill out the form below with as much detail so we can promote you properly. Thanks!


Only One Account Type

You can have different account types but only fill this form out for one specific one – Diver, Nonprofit or Business. You can then come back after you submitted this one and start another one for your other account type. So for instance, you might be a business owner, run a nonprofit and dive for lionfish. That would be 3 different account types – 2 for advertising and 1 for adding your lionfish catch data to the app. 

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If you want us to promote your social media pages list them in that box and we will use them. Next check Yes if we can grab some images to use in your promotion, or No if we cannot.

About The App

We hope you are using the app and if so tell us what you like about it. For example, the diver’s log, seeing catches from around the world, the data it collects, etc. The goal here is to help us get more people using the app so we can find better solutions. 

About You/Your Business or Nonprofit

Tell us about yourself or business/nonprofit. We will add this to the promotion to try and help get your found or noticed more throughout the lionfish community. Make sure you tell us everything related to lionfish – efforts, equipment, charters, etc. 

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