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Track Your Catch

Divers/Fishermen track their lionfish count from daily to annually and build up their totals from year to year.

Compare Stats

Divers/Fishermen see their numbers compared to other divers in their city, county, state, country & globally!

Real Time Data

Everyone can monitor the amount of lionfish being caught on any given day, week, month, etc., in their area & throughout the world.

Saving Reefs

Your data, along with other divers and fisherman from around the world, helps the science community find better solutions – so Thank You!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Record My GPS?

No! Absolutely NOT! No Way!! Negative!

We want to make this very clear! It does NOT record your GPS. You do NOT have to give us your favorite fishing spots. Your hunting areas are yours.

Ok that might be a little over the top but for good reason. One of the biggest reasons other lionfish apps never worked is largely because they asked for your GPS location. Every diver we spoke with when creating this app told us the same thing – “I won’t use it if it tracks or uses my GPS settings!” We get that and we just want to be clear – We do NOT track or ask for your GPS to use this app!! There, last time we mention that.

Can I Privately Record My GPS Coordinates?

Yes! Absolutely Yes! Hell Yeah!! Affirmative!

We also want to make this very clear! You can keep private notes of your GPS coordinates, favorite location or any kind of notes and they will be keep private.

The divers we worked with in creating this app all suggested this feature. Over time you might forget the locations or how many you caught there, as well as other notes. With the app you can keep notes for your eyes only. That information does not get published for the world to see. Only you can view it when you log into your Lionfish Patrol account.

Can I Contribute More Data To Science?

Absolutely! We would love that!

We understand that some divers will only track their catch count and maybe notes but you can offer more information. The app is made to ask for the number caught, snap a picture and hit Submit. It’s quick and easy. That’s what makes this app so popular, however, there is more if you want to help.

You can add your bottom time, average depth, GPS if, and only if you want to provide that. Over time we might add more options for data from the feedback of the divers and the scientist. 

We’ve made this app to work for every diver that wants to use it. And again, if you want more features let us know, after all – it’s built by divers for divers! Oh, ok and scientists as well….

Why This App?

Well for starters Lionfish Patrol is easy to use and yet it produces so much powerful data.

We only ask for your count and to take a picture (and you don’t even need a picture if you don’t want) and submit. That’s it! It’s quick and painless. There are other boxes you can fill out if you want but they are defaulted so you don’t need to. For example:

  • Are you keeping the fish or are you wholeselling them?
  • Do you want to add notes? Chart Plotter codes or other content for you to cypher later?
  • Is this your normal diving area or are you on some other exotic location?

That’s pretty much it. If you are diving in your normal area then just add your count, snap a picture and send. It’s that simple.

Why Not The Other Apps?

The last few apps were great for asking a lot of important questions but let’s face it – most divers won’t sit there and fill out all the boxes. One of the biggest issues was that those apps wanted to know the GPS locations of the lionfish. Not many divers want to give that information up because they hunt there and want to keep their locations secret. 

The other apps were great unfortunatley not many people wanted to use them. Some of the feedback we heard when we researched it was not only giving up their GPS coorddinates but there really was no incentive for the divers. They never really knew where that data went or what it produced or who got to see it. 

With Lionfish Patrol each diver gets their own page that tracks their catch counts and they can keep tracking those numbers everytime they go diving. More importantly every science community throughout the world also gets the data broken into many different reports for better solutions. So everyone gets something out of the Lionfish Patrol App!

Why Is This App So Easy?

The easy part is how it is used. Simply enter your catch count, snap a picture and click Submit. That’s the easiest Lionfish App on the market – (ok there are only a few but it’s still true).

It can be used however the divers want. You can give us the basic information as stated above, or you can continue to add more important information. It’s not requires but it is greatly appreciated.

The key is that when you sign up you give us the impirtant information – dive location, county, state, country, gender, age, etc. When you add your catch count to your database we already have the standard information. We can then break down the reports for all the different locations, age ranges, and a lot more than can be added to the global database. It might be easy but it’s very effective!

How Does This App Work?

It’s Simple! Set up your account as a Diver/Fishermen or a Business/Organization. Next fill out the information. If you are a diver we do not ask for any personal information. You can even choose to be anonymous so only your nickname would show from your area. Once your information is entered your catch numbers will propigate those areas: city, county, state/region country. So using the app between dives will be quick. Now you just have to go diving and add your count, snap a picture and submit!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Who Can Use The App?

Divers | Science | Businesses

Divers: Divers can keep track of all their catches daily, weekly, monthly, year to date, and all time. No more spreadsheets, PostIt notes or pieces of paper that get lost. Now there is a great way to keep track and learn from their data – we will show you how!

Science: The beauty of this app is that it produces data from everywhere it’s used. So if there is a survey or study being done for a specific state or even a city, they can get the data from this app and website – for free! Data can even be compared locally per diver or a diver compared to other divers and the list goes on!

Businesses/Organizations: Businesses are in this fight as well and they should not be left out. Well, we mean businesses and oorganizations that are in the lionfish community – dive shops, spear fishing charters, nonprofits, etc. They can set up a business page and encourage divers to choose them in their account to share their data with them. If a spearfishing charter wants to brag about their expertice in lionfish hunting then their numbers from all dives (from his or her Diver account) will total onto their page showing how much that business is helping in this fight.

Observers: Anyone that just wants to part of the lionfish community and see the community is welcome. It’s good for everyone to be aware of whats going on and to see the numbers being taken throughout the world. 

Is The App Accurate?

We get that question ALL the time – “How do you know that the numbers are real and not just made up?” The truth is no app can assure you that. Only the divers can update the numbers and because we do not give prizes or payments for catching the most lionfish, we hope it is used honestly. Most, if not all divers care about our oceans and want to keep them healthy and plentiful. We believe that the divers that use this will be honest about their numbers.

Will The App Get Updates?

Absolutley! While building this app we spoke with divers, scientists, nonprofits and business owners. There are so many great ideas and features that they could use that we will always be improving the app. Our main goal is to keep the app simple and easy to use. Well that and get it launched so we can start building the database as we expand it’s features. 

How Can It Help Divers?

Besides keeping track of their totals over the years, it will also graph out their catches over time. From these graphs they can see graphs totals of all divers in their area. If there is a gap or drop in catches it could indicate that the area has not been dived lately and the lionfish population has probably grown.

They can also look at different areas closer to them. If the number of divers are low then there’s a good chance that it’s a good area to go diving. There are just a couple of the many insights divers can get while viewing the reports.

Who's Idea Was This App?

Everyone’s! Divers, scientists, nonprofits, businesses, fishermen, state agencies and yours. The fight to control the lionfish population is not a single persons fight – it’s everyones! A lot of thought went into this app from people across the lionfish world and your use and input over time will help as well so feel free to make suggestions, comments or anything that you think could help make this app better. We are all in this fight!

What Kind of Reports Can It Create?

Well for the divers they can track actual and averages for daily, weekly, monthly, year to date, annually and all time. The graphs will make it more pleaseing to the eye and you can then see the trends by that data. 

Then there are those same numbers but compared to other divers in your area, the county, the state and globally.

So scientists and nonprofits can look at these numbers as well breaking it down to single individuals or by gender, age, or however they want. Once the data is in the database it can be use in many unique ways to obtain the information they need.


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