Add Catch Bottom Time: Updated HH:MM to MMM

September, 2021

One of the areas where divers enter incorrect data is their bottom time. It’s not their fault – we found when you go to click on the MM or the minutes section within the HH:MM it goes to the HH or hour section.

If you’re on a boat or in the bright sun trying to see the small detail it can be challenging. Most divers only use the minutes section because when you’re diving deep your time is limited. 

We removed the HH or hour feature and converted everyone who used that to minutes. We understand that some divers might add up the entire day and make one bulk entry so please check your catch history and edit them if they are incorrect. Or you can reach out to us and we will correct them for you.

This should solve the issue of bad data and hopefully make the date we gather more effective for finding better solutions. If you have any questions reach out and let us know.