Lionfish University

Finally An App For Everyone!

Calling All Field Reporters!

We are excited to be part of the coolest lionfish app called Lionfish Patrol. This app will be the first of it’s kind for collecting data on a global level and shared with the world – oh and it’s free!

We are looking for help with the testing of the app and are in need of lionfish hunters. If you are currently hunting invasive lionfish, or you remember some of your past dives – dates, count, etc., then we would like to have you join us in this effort. Put your area on the map by recording your lionfish count!

Lionfish Patrol Features

The app asks a few questions when you sign up so that using it to record your count is quick. You can sign up as a Diver, Nonprofit/Org or Business. The Divers will be the driving force of the app. We are on the app and you can choose to share your catch count with us. Businesses that sell anything related in the lionfish industry can have an account as well. This is the first app that encompasses the entire industry on a global scale!

You can be anonymous if you don’t want you name listed. It asks for your dive city (not GPS), county, state, county and region. It asks if you hunt for wholesale or personal use. This way when you go to add your fish count that information is already recorded.

Adding your catch is easy. The very least you need to do is enter your catch count and submit! That’s the minimum. If you want to supply more information it would be great – things like take a picture, add your bottom time and average depth and the best part – keep notes for your dive – the notes are yours and not public information. That’s it!

You will now have a record of all your lionfish catches that can be compared to locations from around the world. Who catches the most lionfish in your area? Now you can find out and that is just the bigining! Want to know how many lionfish are being caught in different regions? – Done! Lionfish Patrol with bring claity to the invasive lionfish community.