Lionfish Patrol App on 3 Devices

Lionfish Social Media App

Lionfish Patrol is the first Lionfish Social Media App designed by divers, for divers! They are the driving force behind its success! It is designed to help divers keep track of all their lionfish hunting experiences while gathering valuable information for the science community. Each divers totals feed our global database and helps create important data that can be used around the world to help find better solutions of controlling the destruction lionfish leave behind.

Lionfish Patrol can be used on a computer, tablet or a smart phone making it extremely versatile no matter where you are catching your lionfish. Now when someone catches lionfish you can see important

Here is a preview of the app:

Download App From The App Store


Lionfish Patrol Live on Google Play

Once you download the Lionfish Patrol App you come to the Login or Register view. Here you have several options:

  • Create an account – Signup and start using it right away.
  • Login using your email and password – Use the email and password you chose during the setup of your account to login
  • Reset Password – It happens and resetting your password is easy with this button. Just follow the instructions.

If you enter the wrong email or password an error message in red will appear above the email box telling you to re enter your username and password.


Lionfish Patrol Social Media Page