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Lionfish Patrol App for tracking lionfish totals
Lionfish Reef Patrol Video Game
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Lionfish Patrol App

Free Lionfish Tracking App!

Divers – This is your lionfish dive log! Organizations, Businesses and Observers – can download this Free App and join our lionfish community! Click Here

FWC  Lionfish Control encourages everyone to use this app to track lionfish totals and data collection.

Lionfish Reef Patrol Video Game!

Lionfish Reef Patrol Video Game See what it’s like to hunt lionfish in this realistic video game! It has actual sounds of the ocean, breathing underwater, bubbles rising to the surface and even the sound of removing lionfish! It’s the most realistic lionfish hunting game!

What We Do

At Lionfish Central, we help those who are helping in the fight to eradicate the invasive lionfish from our waters. We offer free internet services for those who need it the most – web development, SEO, eCommerce and more. Learn More

Dive Shops Needed

If you are a diver or work for a dive shop and would like to help in your area please reach out and introduce yourself. We want to encourage divers to be more active in this fight and we support those efforts. Contact us

Lionfish Heroes

The lionfish is one of the worst ecosystem disasters from an invasive species . We need everyone to play a part in saving our reef fish. It’s time we all became superheroes and  join the fight! It’s easy, fun an rewarding. Learn More

Lionfish Restaurants

We are looking for restaurants that serve or has lionfish on their menu. We want to give you free advertising, free services and other tools that can help you derve more lionfish. Maybe you’d like to share a recipe… Contact Us

Diving Deep Project

Would you like to help discover what lies in the deep waters of your area? Lionfish Central founder Scott Gonnello is looking for people to join the research and help us document our discoveries. Getting involved is easy – Learn more here.

Lionfish Derbies

Lionfish Derbies and Tournaments are a great way to get the public involved to help with the population control of the invasive lionfish. We want to promote you derby by providing free advertising! Learn more.